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Gain Instagram followers by using proper hashtags! Our algorithm of wonder will give you the most relevant hashtags based on your content and location.
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Photo contests

Get money and cool stuff for your art skills! We regularly host contests on our Instagram. For a limited time, non-subscribers can also participate!
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Lightroom presets

Dramatically enhance your photos in one click. Check out our premium Lightroom presets collections and breathe new life into your photographs!
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HASHTAG IT. Our most cherished feature.

We developed the world’s first hashtagging algorithm for Instagram. With HASHTAG IT, hashtags that are most relevant to your content category and location are always just a few clicks away.

All hashtags you get are linked to a profile which reposts photos from those particular hashtags you used. These hashtags generate more activity on your profile than the hashtags you’re using now and here is why. If you get featured by one of these repost profiles, you’ll easily expose yourself to thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of Instagrammers .

Categories range from travel, people, animal photography to those “folk” images that became so iconic for Instagram. Locations include any country or city you can imagine, we have nearly 2000 repost profiles based on city, country or continent in our database, which is still growing every day.

How does it work?


Fire it up


HASHTAG IT is a web-based app. However, it’s perfectly usable on your smartphone. Add HASHTAG IT to your Home Screen for quick access, as shown here.


Pick a category


Are you a nature or an animal photographer? Do you like shooting portraits, spotting cars or do you just dig B&W? Don’t worry, we got your field covered.


Pick a location


From Oregon to Virginia. From Iceland to Greece. From America to Oceania. We hunt Instagram repost profiles for every continent, every country and every city.




Magic happens. Copy the hashtag string and paste it to your photo on Instagram. Easy-peasy! Every hashtag comes with a detail you can check out below.

Hashtag your way to fame.

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We are confident that our service will improve your Instagram life!

Also, we are guaranteeing to each and every one of our Premium subscribers to keep the monthly price the same as it was when the subscription was opened. Does that mean that the prices will go up? Yes, in the near future. We have a huge and exciting new feature in development. Expect some information pretty soon, we can’t wait to tell you!

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