Instagram hashtags
that make sense.

Instagram tags that actually matter.

We developed the world’s first hashtagging algorithm for Instagram. With HASHTAG IT, our magical app, hashtags that are most relevant to your content category and location are always just a few clicks away.

All hashtags you get are linked to a profile which reposts photos from those particular hashtags you used. These hashtags generate more activity on your profile than the hashtags you’re using now and here is why. If you get featured by one of these repost profiles, you’ll easily expose yourself to thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of Instagrammers like you!

Categories range from travel, people, animal photography to those “folk” images that became so iconic for Instagram. Locations include any country or city you can imagine, we have nearly 2000 repost profiles based on city, country or continent in our database, which is still growing every day.

How to gain real followers on Instagram?

We have thought deeply about one of the most asked questions regarding Instagram. How to get popular? How to gain real followers? How to get them more engaged? How to get more likes on your photos?

There are so many photographers posting stunning art on Instagram right now and they deserve a way bigger audience. They produce great content, but the quality of their photos doesn’t really match up with their follower count. You may know dozens of them or feel like one of them.

When you look around the interwebs for a solution, you don’t find much. Using “popular” hashtags is pointless. “Liking” tons of photos that you don’t even like and fake user following is slow, repetitive, boring and, well, fake. Buying bots to follow you and like your photos is … we’ll leave that judgement up to you.

So what is the best, most legitimate and ethical way to grow a real following on Instagram? That’s the question we asked ourselves and we came up with a solution.

Use relevant hashtags and get featured regularly!

Tada! The answer is to use the most relevant hashtags with your photos, suited to your content and location and get featured regularly by Instagram repost profiles with big followings. Why is this the best solution, you ask? Well, there are a number of reasons:

1. It’s not unusual for a repost profile to have thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers. Imagine your photo is suddenly seen by such a large crowd!

2. The people who came to your profile through the feature and gave you a follow didn’t do it because you liked their photo, followed them or paid for it. They simply liked what they saw on your profile. That’s a real Instagram follower.

3. If your featured photo really rocks, sometimes it gets cross-featured through other repost profiles.

OK, but which hashtags should I use?

That’s where we come in.

With our HASHTAG IT app you’ll never have to think about what hashtags you should use. We give you the most relevant hashtags based on your content and location.

Also, we are continually adding new profiles to our database and keeping our eyes on a number of metrics (our own Luxplorers rating, engagement rate, # of followers, uploads per week, etc.) to serve you the hottest hashtags available to boost your chance of getting discovered. Daily rescans of our database, so everything stays fresh and up to date, are a sure thing. One reality check, though. Don’t expect to get thousands of followers per day only this way. Remember, the quality of your photos must be worthy of a follow and a feature!

Currently, we are giving away our first e-book, the Five Essential Tips for Stunning Instagram Photography for free for our first 1000 Premium subscribers which will definitely help you with your artistic expression!

Cool! But how does HASHTAG IT work?


Fire it up


HASHTAG IT is a web-based app. However, it’s perfectly usable on your smartphone. Add HASHTAG IT to your Home Screen for quick access, as shown here.


Pick a category


Are you a nature or an animal photographer? Do you like shooting portraits, spotting cars or do you just dig B&W? Don’t worry, we got your field covered.


Pick a location


From Oregon to Virginia. From Iceland to Greece. From America to Oceania. We hunt Instagram repost profiles for every continent, every country and every city.




Magic happens. Copy the hashtag string and paste it to your photo on Instagram. Easy-peasy! Every hashtag comes with a detail you can check out below.

Quick FAQ

So, what now?

1. If you’re ready to start using our HASHTAG IT app that will give you the most optimal hashtags available (which in turn helps you get discovered on Instagram and helps you find new inspiration), then subscribe now.

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