Lightroom Preset Collection I

16 gorgeous, lightweight, maximizing and non-destructive Lightroom Presets.

This collection contains 4 Lightroom Presets (16 in total) developed for each season of the year.

Bring out the most in your photographs by simply clicking a button. Our first collection of Lightroom presets is something we are really proud of and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with them and immediately incorporate your favourite ones into your post-processing workflow.

All Premium Members will immediately gain access to this preset collection for free!

Never heard of Lightroom presets before? Want to know how to install them? Read our tutorial.

Collection I preview

Get the kickass bonus preset bundle!

The Collection I also include post-processing preset bundle, which contains the following packs:


Let the audience focus on your subject by darkening the image edges. This pack contains 9 types of vignette effect presets, ranging from gentle to heavy.


Give your photos an authentic film look. Nine film-emulating presets are just one click away. Film speed ranges from one hundred to eight hundred.


Finish your post-processing by using one of our presets for image sharpening. You have five choices at your disposal, ranging from gentle to massive.

Noise reduction

Not a fan of the film look? Do you like your shots clean and noiseless? Battle the side effects of high ISO sensitivity with one of our five noise reduction presets.
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